The Art of Health Hacking with TJ Anderson - Ep. 60

May 16, 2018 NaN
The Art of Health Hacking with TJ Anderson - Ep. 60
Revitalized Man with Bryan Hardy
The Art of Health Hacking with TJ Anderson - Ep. 60

May 16 2018 | NaN


Show Notes

This podcast with friend and fellow Holistically oriented Health Hacker TJ Anderson was a fun one in which we talk about his journey through the world of modeling in Miami and the pain and disordered eating that came from that. We also talk spirituality, genetic testing, and much more. If you're new to the world of Health Hacking and physiological optimization then this podcast and his new book are the perfect introductions to the most important aspects of a personal health program.

Find the shownotes with links to his book and other resources at:

Outro Song: Between by Satsang feat Nahko

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