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Redefining Reality represents the intersection between Wellness, Business, and the birth of a Global Tribe. It is where we explore what it means to be holistically healthy and offer practical tips on how to get there. I am a Bio-hacking Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Wellness Coach who after nearly dying from a ruptured appendix in 2010 discovered my passion for natural health and awakened my purpose to help others solve their own health challenges. I consider this podcast to be a edu-taining force for empowerment, freedom and optimal living. Tune in each week to hear me interview guests and dive deep into a broad range of topics, all related to the central themes of wellness, business and the birth of a global modern tribe.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Reconnecting to Wild Food Through Hunting, Trapping, and Foraging with Clay Bowers - Ep. 85

    This podcast with Clay Bowers takes a wide-ranging look at what it's like to be an adult-onset hunter in North Michigan and to connect to wild food nature through foraging, hunting, trapping etc. Full show notes at the blog: Outro Music: Into the Woods by Rob Riccardo ...


  2. Using Ancient Herbs and Spices to Solve Modern Health Challenges with Dr. Cass Ingram - Ep. 84

    This podcast as you’ll hear is very timely because in the wake of the COVID-1984 hysteria and fear-mongering there are health warriors and elders such as Dr Cass Ingram who have seen it all before, have treated it with natural remedies and wild herbs/spices and who have documented and shared ...


  3. Bridging Holistic and Functional Healthcare and Building a Better Brain with Josh Gitalis - Ep. 83

    A long overdue and yet still awesome and relevant podcast with the wonderful Josh Gitalis where we dive into his path bridging the holistic nutrition world with that of functional medicine, finding his passions in teaching and clinical practice, his love of mushrooms and how to get more Vitamin D ...


  4. Corona Virus, Consciousness, 5G, Fear Mongering and Finding Clarity within Chaos - Ep. 82

    This episode is another solocast where I compile some of the most useful findings as of my research as of late and features some of my favorite and most trust-worthy sources of insight and truth. I read aloud one of Matt Kahn's latest posts and recommend you do the same. I ...


  5. 7 Ways To Boost Immunity Naturally Plus BONUS Bio-Hacks to Bulletproof Your Immune System - Ep. 81

    This is a solocast I created from a Facebook Live I was inspired to do last week in response to the growing COVID-19 chaos and fear evoking media coverage. Find the resources mentioned at Be well and stay strong my friends! Please share with those who might not have the resources ...